Colombian Coffee - Café Jazz

Colombian Coffee - Café Jazz

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Café Jazz contributes to the development of social work programs in the Amazon region in the drilling and maintenance of potable water wells. Additionally, the Colombian flag in the Jazz Export Type bags were hand painted in the Formavida Foundation, a community dining room that serves an average of 80 children in the northwestern hills of Bogota.


Coffee Tasting Notes:

Coffee that presents in fragrance and aroma notes to almonds, and fruit; Its flavor is citric, and with a high bright and persistent acidity, a high creamy body its residual is long and persistent caramel. It is a coffee that in hot, warm and cold presents similar notes which makes it a very consistent and complex sample.

This cup profile is derived from climatic and geographic factors typical of the northern region of Huila, located in the Andes mountain range. With less sunshine hours (3.5 hours / day) by cloudiness, constant temperatures during the day favoring the accumulation of chemical compounds in the fruit and height ranges between 1800 and 2170 meters (msnm). Resulting in a coffee bean with uniform cup  characteristics, despite the chemical variations that occur in the process of roasting.

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