W|W Amazon Program Report


January - June 2018

 Meet our new Amazon Field Coordinator, Anna Maria! 

Meet our new Amazon Field Coordinator, Anna Maria! 

Thank you for your continued support of the Wine To Water Program in the Amazon.

From January - June 2018 Wine To Water worked with 15 communities throughout the Amazon region of Colombia, Peru and Brazil. 

A lot of great things happened the past 6 months with our Amazon program. We started off 2018 by officially opening up Wine To Water Colombia! 

With the opening of W|W Colombia, we are now able to expand north and west into Colombia, reaching the most critical and tremendously isolated areas such as Andagoya Choco along the Colombian Pacific and La Guajira near the northern Colombian dessert. We got to share filters with the community of Andagoya Chocó, where more than 100 families benefited. 


Our Colombia team had the opportunity to see all the points where we worked in the Amazon jungle (Peru, Brazil and Colombia), more than 28 communities and about 40 repaired wells. 
Together with Shane Hillman, Ana Maria received her first training by doing follow ups on filter use in the communities of La Milagrosa, Chineria, Puerto Alegria, Macedonia, Puerto Nariño and Leticia Amazona.

With your commitment to fighting the global water crisis, over 4,623 lives were impacted as a result of Wine To Water Colombia well repair and filter implementation programs. 

"We are currently evaluating the best options for phase two in each of the places where we have become familiarized and we want to continue supporting communities to give life safely through clean water." - Jhonny Anderson W|W NPM Colombia

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Interactive Map & Impact Data

Click through the interactive map below to view impact and see the Filter Program activity from January - June 2018.

Field Note #177: Ice Cream and Clean Water

The sun was hot and the environment was quite humid. The team was working to repair the well that was giving us problems to move forward...The family was very happy. I thought we are doing a great job, but also that we are just beginning. Although we have traveled a long way, there is much that we still need to do.

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Glimpse of our work in the Amazon!


THANK YOU,  We are grateful for your support! 

Matt Wagoner