Copy of W|W Filter Program Report- 2018


January - June 2018

Appreciating the kind words alongside your filters in Myanmar! 


Thank you for your support of the Wine To Water Filter program!

From January - June 2018 Wine To Water implemented 1,213 sawyer filters throughout the world, including areas where natural and human-caused disasters are all too common.                                             

Wine To Water began staging filters for disaster relief preparation around the world after last Fall's natural disasters. With 24 filter partners in over 14 countries around the World,  we are always in need of more filters. 

Many of those who attended huge corporate filter builds felt inspired to bring it back to their own community for a DIY Filter Build.  From a fifth grader in Pennsylvania to a baseball team in New Jersey, you ALL made a tangible impact in the global water crisis! 

We started off the year with Nathan, who hosted a DIY filter build in his fifth-grade class! From May 1st to June 11th, AutoDesk hosted filter builds around the world (See Field Note #183 below). Those are just to name a few. 

Filter Build events were hosted in Singapore, Korea, Paris, UAE, Barcelona, UK, Italy, Shanghai, and around the U.S.  This has allowed us to further strengthen our programs throughout the world, including Nepal, The Amazon, and East Africa.  

As our commitment to providing clean water to those in need grows exponentially, we continue to improve our training and partner screenings. We finished off June by traveling to Myanmar, to investigate what a more robust project would look like and to distribute sawyer filters (See figure 1 below). 

The Wine To Water Filter Build Program has impacted over X lives in the last 6 months, all thanks to your support of a Wine To Water Filter Build event.

"Once again the foundation of community—sharing—came to light" - Abhishek, Wine To Water Nepal 

Scroll down for videos, photos and interactive maps detailing the overall impact.

Interactive Map & Impact Data

Click through the interactive map below to view impact and see the Filter Program activity from January - June 2018.

Field Note #183: With Love from California

Autodesk, a California-based technology company, recently hosted 19 filter builds in office locations around the world, producing a combined total of 2,172 water filters as a part of their Global Month of Impact. After attending one of Autodesk’s build's in San Francisco, Doc Hendley brought a few of the finished filters with him into the field. It was in Padampur, a small village in the Chitwan District of Nepal, that Doc delivered a family their new water filter and a note that read:

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Glimpses from the Field! 

Fig. 1 Filter demonstration in the Delta Region of Myanmar. 

Fig. 2 Filter demonstration in Andagoya, Colombia


Fig. 4 Filter distribution in Riatole, Nepal

Fig. 5 "With love from California <3 Kari" 


                  THANK YOU for investing in the W|W Filter Program.              We are grateful for your support!

Matt Wagoner