W|W Dominican Republic & Haiti Impact Report 2018


January - June 2018

 Meet Millie our new member of the W|W DR!

Meet Millie our new member of the W|W DR!

Thank you for your continued support of the Wine To Water Program in the Dominican Republic.

The last six months have been extremely exciting. There are many projects in the works.  Most important has been finding new communities most in need of a ceramic filter. There have been a large number of volunteers serving in communities and helping the staff here produce and distribute ceramic water filters in the Dominican Republic & Haiti.   

From January - June 2018 Wine To Water worked throughout the Dominican Republic & Haiti to provide over 980 ceramic filters, which is one filter per family, impacting over 12,571 lives with clean water.  Most filter recipients are seeing significant household savings as a direct result of not having to purchase bottled water. 

The completion and transition has been made to the new larger kiln, and the factory kitchen has been renovated so fresh meals can be prepared for the volunteers on sight. Future plans for the factory is to include the creation of a water station in the building to showcase the evolution of the water filter design. (See Field Note #169 below)

With your commitment, W|W invests in clean water solutions to provide reliable water, improved sanitation and hygiene, as well as, contribute to the local economy in the Dominican Republic through our W|W ceramic filter factory.

Scroll down for videos, photos and interactive maps detailing the overall impact.

Interactive Map & Impact Data

Click through the interactive map below to view impact and see the Filter Program activity from January - June 2018.

Field Note #169: Life-Saving Clean Water in the D.R.

On a warm, Friday afternoon during his siesta, Radhames Carela looked at his house across the street and then back into the main room of the Wine To Water factory and said, “this is my life.”

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Glimpses from the field! 

Rhadamaes is W|W's very own ceramic artist! 


THANK YOU  We are grateful for your support! 

Matt Wagoner