Ecolab Impact At A Glance


Ecolab, your filters are making a difference all over the world. Tina shares her update from the Uganda filter distribution.

  • 13 events

  • 1,211 participants 

  • 1,816 volunteer hours

  • 2,325 filters 

  • 23,000+ people will receive clean water

Since the beginning of the year, Ecolab has sponsored thousands of clean water filters through Wine To Water’s Filter Build Program hosting numerous builds around the globe & raising direct clean water support through Ecolab employee donations. With over 1,800+ volunteer hours logged from over a thousand participants, the impact Ecolab is making for global clean water through our partnership is changing lives & communities.

Ecolab (Nalco Water) & CBRE partnered with Wine To Water to get 25 filters to an IBM plant in Venezuela for employees who didn’t have access to clean water at home.

Having no idea that the timing of WWD would coincide with the devastating Typhoon Idai in Mozambique, Ecolab was able to respond with the filters they assembled at their event in their South Africa office. A Wine To Water staff member took 200 additional filters from our disaster recovery inventory to respond in the aftermath of this catastrophe.

Your filters have been distributed all over the world, in the following locations:

Cote'Dvoire  | Mexico | Nepal
  | Colombia | Uganda  | Honduras | Guatemala  | Haiti
 | Kenya | Venezuela  | Mozambique | Indonesia