What does W|W do in Colombia?


In the Amazonian region of Colombia where Wine To Water primarily works, many wells have been drilled, but have since broken down or been made inaccessible by flooding. Since Wine To Water Colombia's inception, then, our primary focus has been to rehabilitate these wells so that they are accessible year-round, and durable for many years to come. In the past five years, Wine To Water has helped more than 18,000 people in Colombia access clean water. Currently, we are repairing 49 wells in more than 20 communities and providing sanitation and hygiene education to the members of those communities. While expanding the well rehabilitation process even further beyond these communities, we are introducing Sawyer Filters to households, and keeping a steady focus on educating people in the region on sanitation and hygiene. This education is what truly lays the foundation of sustainability, propagating clean water knowledge for future generations.

Our Team in Colombia

Jhonny Anderson   National Program Manager

Jhonny Anderson

National Program Manager

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Field Note #177: Ice Cream and Clean Water

The sun was hot and the environment was quite humid. The team was working to repair the well that was giving us problems to move forward. Three volunteers from the team were doing an interview at the house in front of the well and, unexpectedly, it started to rain. The forecast of the day was sun and humendad. I grabbed some things that were getting wet and asked the house in front of the well to let me keep them there. 

They took me to where Flor, a 14-year-old girl was...