What Does W|W Do in the Dominican Republic?


The Dominican Republic is home to Wine To Water's ceramic filter factory, where our team hand-makes and distributes clean water filters (pictured left). The filters are created from a mixture of clay, sawdust, nano silver, and water. This results in a porous pot with a layer of activated charcoal to latch on to micro-organisms, and silver to scramble bacterial DNA, prohibiting its reproduction. Every time these filters are distributed, the Wine To Water team teaches the local family or organization how to clean and maintain them for years to come. With proper maintenance, a single filter can provide a family of up to seven people clean water for 5 years. Aside from being a world-class clean water technology, our filters are also used as a platform to teach communities about sanitation and hygiene. Often in the form of hand washing games for kids... okay, adults too... these teaching lessons lay the foundation of behavioral change for healthier lives.


Meet Our Team in the Dominican Republic

Radhames Carela   Master Ceramicist

Radhames Carela

Master Ceramicist

Fany Adalgiza Dominguez de la Cruz   Administrative Manager

Fany Adalgiza Dominguez de la Cruz

Administrative Manager

Domingo Guzman   Factory Manager

Domingo Guzman

Factory Manager

Milagros Lora   Field Coordinator

Milagros Lora

Field Coordinator

Joel Vicioso   National Program Manager

Joel Vicioso

National Program Manager


Explore Our Work in the Dominican Republic

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Team Update

Following Last Year's Hurricanes


Field Note #176: Why I Volunteer with Wine To Water

DR Field Note.jpeg

The highlight of my trip was getting to work with Radhames and working at the factory. I love hearing Radhames tell his story, seeing the passion he has for this work, and seeing how there’s a part of him that’s never satisfied.  He’s always dreaming of ways to make improvements.  It’s just so inspiring.  And I loved getting to make so many filters and feel like I actually got the hang of it after a while.  It feels so good to get your hands dirty, be sweaty, and be sore the next day while working to provide clean water to people.

I learned more about how the filters are made and distributed and about future plans for the filters.  I was reminded on this trip how beautiful and diverse our W|W community is.