W|W East Africa Origins

How a common relationship sparked a journey

Tracy Hawkins, founder of Safe Water Now, built a relationship with Radhames Carela, our master ceramist in the Dominican Republic. Together, using similar methods as the ones currently used in the Dominican Republic, Tracy and Kim initiated a factory in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. Tracy self raised donations with volunteers to fund the filter factory. After many years of hard work and dedication, she passed the factory over to her number one choice of organization, Wine To Water. With our common relationship to Radhames Carela, the quality of our programs, the location of Wine To Water, and our desire to expand our organization to other parts of the world, the shift just made sense. And so, that is how the journey began.

 What does W|W do in East Africa?


Tanzania now offers Wine To Water's second ceramic filter factory, where our team hand-makes and distributes clean water filters. The filters are created from a mixture of clay, sawdust, nano silver, and water. This results in a porous pot with a layer of activated charcoal to latch on to micro-organisms, and silver to scramble bacterial DNA, prohibiting its reproduction. Every time these filters are distributed, the Wine To Water team teaches the local family or organization how to clean and maintain them for years to come. With proper maintenance, a single filter can provide a family of up to seven people clean water for five years. Aside from being a world-class clean water technology, our filters are also used as a platform to teach communities about sanitation and hygiene. Often in the form of hand washing games for kids... okay, adults too... these teaching lessons lay the foundation of behavioral change for healthier lives.


Meet our Team in East Africa

Kmirei Mesaiki   Founder

Kmirei Mesaiki


Liston Koskei   Director

Liston Koskei



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