W|W Nepal Origins

In April of 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake devastated Nepal.

Wine To Water's leaders met at our home office in Boone, NC, discussing how to help. A relief initiative would be difficult. We lacked the mobility, the resources, and - most importantly - the relationships in Nepal to have any real impact. Eventually, we decided that reaching Nepal was a bridge too far... That's when Suresh Niraula called... Suresh, a Nepali native, was a recent graduate of Appalachian State University (also in Boone, NC). He had collaborated with Wine To Water on a previous project, and now wished to return to Nepal to help his home country in this time of incredible need.

Wine To Water equipped Suresh with Sawyer Filters, trained him on their use and implementation, and sent him back to his home country to help. Using his local connections in Kathmandu, Suresh sent out a call to action. A group of volunteers, including Roshani Karki, our current National Program Manager, responded to that call. The volunteers set off distributing filters around Kathmandu Valley and in the foothills of the Himalayas. A couple weeks later, W|W CEO David visited Nepal to follow up on the situation. There, his eyes were opened to the great need for water even beyond the tragedy of the earthquake. Suresh introduced David to Roshani, and they began planning the future of Wine To Water Nepal together.

What Does W|W Do in Nepal?

Wine To Water's initial earthquake relief team in Nepal, consisting of Nepali locals, eventually grew into Wine To Water Nepal. These days, the team focuses on a sustainable approach to water, hygiene, and sanitation development in the country. Recently, Wine To Water has implemented the first phase of a three-phase process in the Chitwan District of southern Nepal. The three phases address: 1) water access, 2) water filtration, and 3) sustainability of the solution. This initial phase in Chitwan has consisted of a focus on water access, as well as sanitation and hygiene education for local communities. To alleviate the taxing search for clean water in this first phase, the Wine To Water Nepal team uses such technology as borehole wells, solar pumps, and tap stands - which we connect to every home. In the upcoming phases of our Nepal projects, we look forward to ensuring the communities of Dahakhani and Madi (in Chitwan) are equipped to maintain filters, have a source of community income, and are trained to perform necessary hygiene and sanitation practices.

Meet Our Team in Nepal

Abishek Basnet   Field Coordinator

Abishek Basnet

Field Coordinator

Roshani Karki   National Program Manager

Roshani Karki

National Program Manager

Jaleigh Jensen   International Fellow

Jaleigh Jensen

International Fellow

Kaushal Singh   Administrative Director

Kaushal Singh

Administrative Director

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Field Notes from Nepal

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“Our community might be poor in finances, but we are rich in love and heart,” said local Dahakhani resident Yogendra. “Everyone is willing to help.”

The story from Dahakhani is bigger than any video or magazine can hold. Scroll through the gallery above for even more of the adventure. Our hope is that in doing so you’ll come to understand why we firmly believe that when we stand shoulder to shoulder and work hard together, we can resolve the Global Water Crisis—one person at a time.