Our Partners


At Wine To Water, we’re all about community. We believe that if we serve together, we can end the Global Water Crisis. Whether you’re a corporation, university, rotary club, winery, distributer, retailer or simply an individual looking to get involved, a partnership with us is a great way to bring clean water to those who need it most.

Connect with a Wine To Water staff member email: info@winetowater.org


Corporate Partners


Our corporate partners make a lasting impact and receive a high return for their investment. You can directly invest in a clean water project, participate in a corporate team building event, advance your corporate social responsibility goals, volunteer in the global field, be an advocate for WTW, or simply drink our wine at your event. Engage in meaningful philanthropy that can change the world while strengthening your business.


Faith Partners


Faith provides a global call to action that motivates many people to make a difference in the world with their time and talents. At WTW, we are all about service to others and we believe that we are part of something greater than ourselves. Your congregation or small group can give to clean water programs, volunteer on a global clean water project, organize a missions offering or fundraiser, advocate for WTW, and pray for our team and the families we serve.


Rotary Partners


Wine To Water routinely partners with Rotary Clubs across the country and other community organizations that demand that the problem of the Global Water Crisis be answered today! Email us to learn more about how Wine To Water can partner with your Rotary Club. 


Student Partners


Student partnerships are as unique and diverse as the students themselves. Whether it is through student clubs, trips to the field focused on academic learning experiences, or curriculum based collaborations; students from across the country are an important part of our fight to end the water crisis.


Wine Partners


Wine is not just in our name; it’s in our DNA. For us, wine represents the spirit of community and coming together that Wine To Water is built on. Our wine partners have joined us in this effort to bring clean water to those in need through story telling and sharing some great wine along the way.