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July - December 2017

Household filtration setup in Puerto Rico immediately following Hurricane Maria.

Thank you, Young Conway Stargatt & Taylor, for supporting the Wine To Water Filter program by building 300 filters for our disaster relief efforts! 


From July - December 2017 Wine To Water distributed 2,882 filters throughout the world, including places that were hard hit by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria; Over 31,000 lives were impacted as a result of Wine To Water's Filter Program. 

The impact of the Wine To Water Filter Program has increased thanks to your support of a Wine To Water Filter Build event.  This has allowed us to further strengthen our programs throughout the world, including Nepal, The Amazon and East Africa.  We have also had the opportunity to increase our relief efforts around the world in places where natural and human caused disasters are all too common.

Scroll down for videos, photos and interactive maps detailing the overall impact.

Interactive Map & Impact Data

Click through the interactive map below to view impact and see the Filter Program activity from July - December 2017.

Field Note #146: The Power of Texas Spirit and Filters

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I set out for Port Arthur/Beaumont, Texas with a car full of water filters and pre-drilled 5 gallon buckets provided by Wine To Water and prepped by Texas A&M Wine To Water students....but witnessing the heart of Texans in action fed my soul.

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THANK YOU, Young Conway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP for investing in the W|W Filter Program.  We are grateful for your support!

Matt Wagoner