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keep clean water flowing

The Tap is Wine To Water’s community of monthly givers that are the backbone of our organization. They help us change lives and transform communities with a regular flow of resources for life-giving water. We invite you to become a part of The Tap and serve with us to bring clean water to communities around the world.



By becoming a part of The Tap, you help us make the complete resolution of the global water crisis possible. 



Wine To Water is committed to changing lives, one family at a time

And The Tap is pivotal to keeping the water flowing. Through the power of community, we will serve together to change the world with clean water #OnPurpose.


I can give each month and still be a part of helping. Wine To Water is the perfect organization for me because it is a "grass roots" culture and I know my contribution will be used to provide water to those in need around the world. — Mike Martin, The Tap Member


Passionate community

This community exists because of the passion of hundreds of people who believe everyone has a right to clean water. We will travel to the ends of the earth to bring people clean water because we believe water is life.

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Everything about this charity is genuine, localized and kind-hearted. Even something as small as my $25 a month connects me with a community of people doing great things all over the globe. — Mike Copponex, The Tap Member

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Special updates

Join forces with us through The Tap, and you can expect regular updates on how your gifts impact real lives and real communities.