Our University Partners

We love connecting with and colleges and universities because they are full of people who care about the next generation and want to leave the world a bit better than they found it. We love to see staff and students in the field with us conducting research, collecting and analyzing data and employing service learning in real life experiences.

What does a partnership look like?

Each partnership is different and depends on what the college or university wants to accomplish. We encourage these institutions to “adopt” a specific project to help with long-term learning and impact. In these relationships, we consult with the college or university to establish program goals and find the best way to accomplish those goals.

In addition to field experiences, colleges and universities can adopt Doc’s book, Wine To Water: How One Man Saved Himself While Trying to Save the World for student reading and studying in their core or service learning curriculums. In these partnerships, Wine To Water can provide information and insight into subjects discussed in the classroom. In addition, we love to join the classroom via video to share perspectives from our staff.

Through these field and learning experiences, our goal is to enhance the programs in the field while increasing students and universities' learning of ground efforts in the fight against the Global Water Crisis.


Students are the life and energy of colleges and universities. At Wine To Water, we love this crew. Students have been a huge part of our family. Whether it be through our internship program, joining us in the field, supporting events or running student clubs, students have had an impact on thousands for clean water. For students who would like to join our team, the best starting point is to join or start a student club under your college/university banner. Check out our list of current clubs, and join or start one where you are!