Our Wine Partners

At Wine To Water we value great wine and doing life with great people. Hanging out with folks from the world of wine gives us exposure to both while also making a huge difference for those in need of clean water. Wine is beautiful and symbolic for so many things. At Wine To Water, we believe it represents the blessings and bounty we have been given. With these gifts, we have the opportunity to reverse the miracle performed over 2,000 years ago and turn wine back into water for those in need. Obviously, this is not something we do alone, that’s no fun anyhow. Amazing people and businesses have joined us on this journey.

Our Wine Partners vary from wineries and brokers, wine clubs, distributers, bars/restaurants, and retailers. All of which are significant members of our community to raise awareness and provide resources to fight the global water crisis. Please check out and support these great organizations in support of clean water!

Our Wine Partners Support the Cause by:

1. Making donations per bottle/case sold for selected vintages

2. Co-branding special release offerings highlighting our collaborative partnership

3. Donating wine for private labeling


Wineries and Brokers

NC Retailers



Wine Clubs and distributors